Zanzibar Vs Kenyan coast : This is our list of the top beach spots in Safari Africa, where we contrast Kenya’s more sedate coast which includes Mombasa, Diani, and Watamu beaches with Tanzania’s well-known island of Zanzibar. It’s never easy to choose between the Kenyan Coast and Zanzibar when you want to unwind at the conclusion of your safari. Usually, those who go on safari in Tanzania go to Zanzibar, and people who choose Kenya to view animals go to the Kenyan Coast. However, with the emergence of more low-cost airlines and more routes, making this option more difficult than before.

Kenyan Coast.

We are aware that lounging by the pool on the Kenyan coast with a book and a drink in hand is the ideal way to unwind and recover after a strenuous safari. Many people are unaware that certain beaches along the Kenyan coast are frequented by hundreds of people and are not particularly secluded. Since we specialize in opulent and private vacations, we’ve identified certain beaches that we’ve visited that are less crowded than others hidden jewels in our opinion.

Watamu Beach.

Watamu is a small fishing village located around two hours’ drive north of Mombasa town. Like most coastal communities, Watamu is situated next to a creek. It is dispersed around a few coves with sheltered beaches; they are some of Kenya’s most exquisite beaches. As a seasonal town, Watamu is heavily reliant on the tourism industry provided by the Nairobi population, who own many of the homes in and around Watamu town.


East Africa’s oldest and best-preserved town is Lamu. It is the only town that has never been abandoned, having been settled since 1370. Lamu’s beaches, history, and islands are all in equal measure stunning, enthralling, and fascinating. This place is a jewel that seems to be going unnoticed these days because there is so much to see and do there. The island is home to a large number of private beaches that offer some of the most exclusive and private real estate on the East African coast.

Msambweni Beach.

Msambweni Beach is close to the Tanzanian border with Kenya, to the south of Mombasa and Diani. Msambweni is still a relatively undiscovered beach, thus it is still rather peaceful. The beaches are among the most serene and clean in the region, and the place has a very tranquil air to it.They are tremendously beautiful too, and currently we offer two properties here – The Ocean Spa Lodge and Msambweni Beach House.

Diani Beach.

The heart of tourism on the Kenyan coast is Diani. Nestled along the coast are a plethora of eateries, resorts, hotels, and private residences. Diani is used more frequently than the other towns we’ve mentioned because it’s larger and has been around for a longer period of time than any of the others.

Zanzibar Vs Kenyan coast
Diani Beach


The Kenya Coast and Zanzibar both have excellent beaches with talcum-powdery soft white sands and blue waters, but that is essentially where the similarities end. Some of the best things to do along the Kenyan coast are boat tours, fishing, and snorkeling, to mention a few. Generally speaking, though, this is a place to enjoy the bliss of inaction.

Zanzibar Coast.

In these aspects, Zanzibar is very different. There’s a lot more variation in the vibe and ambiance; those who want a bigger social scene can find it in the north of the island, while those who prefer a slower, more tranquil pace can be found happily on the east coast. Zanzibar offers a far wider range of safari activities as well. There are many excellent diving locations on the island; nevertheless, even though diving is also possible in Kenya, I think Zanzibar’s underwater environment is far more fascinating.

Activities and culture.

As a tribute to the island’s past, there are numerous spice plantations to explore. You are shown through the plantation and given the opportunity to sample every herb, fruit, and spice straight off the tree. There’s Stone Town as well, where you can explore the historic slave trade chambers, get lost in the passageways, and eat local cuisine at the night market.

Kenyan Coast vs. Zanzibar.

To put it briefly, the Kenyan Coast and Zanzibar will both provide the dreamy Indian Ocean that you see pictured on postcards. Your choice will probably be influenced by a number of variables, including your budget and the type of experience you’re seeking for in general. In case you’re looking for a tranquil and isolated vacation with lots of beach time and seafood, the Kenyan Coast is the ideal choice. However, Zanzibar is the beach option for you if you’re looking for some amazing watersports, culture, and spice.

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