Amazing 10 Epic Adventures for Kenya Safari : Kenya is the most epic adventure for a safari if you’re planning to visit East Africa, the most 10 best things to do Kenya, includes the many things and places to see, and the most favoring factor above all is the time that you will spend in Kenya will help you to explore it, if you want the most epic adventures, Kenya is the best in all as includes;

Watching the Great Migration in Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Great wildebeest migration is the most epic adventure in Kenya, even not only Kenya but the entire Africa, by witnessing the great migration of the wildebeest through Maasai Mara National Reserve-Serengeti ecosystem. Every year between the period of July to October, millions and millions of the wildebeest and thousands of zebras usually head to the Maasai River in an attempt to literally cross into greener pastures and water. That can be the most amazing time for wildlife viewing so visiting the reserve that period of time is wonderful.

Amazing 10 Epic Adventures for Kenya Safari
Wildebeest Migration in Maasai Mara

Exploring Kenya’s challenging Hiking Trails.

Besides other activities done in the most various places of Kenya like game driving, bird watching, trekking, Hiking is also the most popular activity done by the most tourists on a safari that is because Kenya has a variety of the hiking trails than any other country that are available for every type of a hiker, from the beginners to the experts. The hiking adventure is of course Mount Kenya, but if you’re not expert you can as well try out the Mount Longnot, Ngong Hills, Elephant Hill and many other more.

Visiting the coastal beaches.

Kenya has the most attractive coastal cities that boast the world’s class beaches with the most turquoise waters and the white sands, during a Kenya Safari you should try to visit the beaches and spend some of your time from there. As you choose any destination according to your choice either from Mombasa up to Malindi, as well there are more beaches that will be selected and visited according to your choice, Amazing 10 Epic Adventures for Kenya Safari.

Viewing the last Northern White Rhinos.

Kenya is also well known as the home to the Northern white rhinos on the planet, as these can be found at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, as you can closely interact with these animals and learn about the great work of the Ol Pejeta conservancy, is doing from getting these animals from extinction, the conservancy has got the chances of spotting the big five and it also known as the largest black rhino sanctuary in Kenya which makes the most amazing game drive. Another spotting area for the white rhino is the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy which has the most amazing game viewing and as well as the big five, not only that in, the conservancy has got the black rhinos spotting in Kenya and many others.

Amazing 10 Epic Adventures for Kenya Safari
Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Camping in Kenya.

Camping is among the unique safari that the tourists do experience from Kenya, Kenya has got several excellent camping sites in the wild where you can pitch your tent and enjoy the nature in all its glory, and it is said that if you want a little more luxury, then here you can adopt the more glamourous camping option also known as the glamping to various national parks and national reserves of Kenya.

Boat riding safari on Lake Naivasha.

It takes two hours from Nairobi to Naivasha, as this gives a chance to escape the busy city noise to a more relaxing nature-filled outing. When in Naivasha, you take either a sunset or a unrise boat ride along Lake Naivasha as well as you watching various bird species along the Lake Naivasha, also you can spot the hippos in the Lake.

Kissing the Giraffe at the Giraffe centre.

Kissing the giraffe at the Giraffe centre is the most popular activity done in Kenya that gives you the unforgettable memories in Kenya at the Giraffe Centre in Nairobi.

Cycling at Hell’s Gate National Park.

Hell’s gate National Park is one of the lucky national parks in Kenya where the guests can go for cycling, as this is a unique way to explore the entire wildlife of the park. Though most of the national parks in Kenya usually require you to be inside a vehicle at times while doing game viewing. The Hell’s gate national park can be practically devoid the predators, the guests can cycle inside the park, as they are viewing the panoramic gorges and the cliffs and can be  to the resident wildlife, such as the giraffes, zebras, gazelles, warthogs and many more, Amazing 10 Epic Adventures for Kenya Safari.

The bicycles can be available for rent at the Elsa gate, as you can get the opportunity to explore the whole entire park while cycling to see more features of the park especially during the morning or late evening hours, as this also is the health wise as you can be avoiding the heat and heat raised by the cars as they can be speeding past you, though vehicle game viewing is also done at the Hell’s gate national park, but cycling is more efficient.

Amazing 10 Epic Adventures for Kenya Safari
Mountain Biking in Hell’s Gate

Visiting the Lamu Beach.

Lamu Beach is the Kenya’s oldest inhabited and one of the best-preserves Swahili settlement in East Africa, Lamu beach is amazing destination that is worth visited, compared to other coastal cities, that it because the area is quite remote and not as accessible, resulting in the lower tourists activities, other wards tourists visit Kenya due to beach safari especially Lamu Beach, also visiting Lamu Old Town is characterized by the donkeys and dhows, that are mostly loved by the guests, though the motorcycles now days can be seen shuttling the passengers.

Travel on the SGR.

SGR means the Standard Gauge Railway that makes travelling the visitors from Nairobi to Mombasa very comfortable, here it takes the visitors 5 hours through the Kenyan countryside, and on a good day during your safari you can view Mount Kilimanjaro from the neighboring Tanzania and also spotting the various herds of elephants and many various animals species in Tsavo National Park. The SGR is the most amazing way to travel across the country, its inter-country train that makes stops at several stations before getting to Mombasa. As it has got the customer services to the tourists like the charging ports, snacks and many others for the passengers.

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